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Sony Launched Sony Xperia Z2 Mobile Phone

Sony Xperia Z2 is Sony’s latest flagship Mobile, following the slick Xperia Z1 and the Xperia Z1 Compact. This 5.2-inch mobile is a tad lighter than the Xperia Z1, and boasts a gorgeous new screen, some boosted specs, a few cool new camera modes and some extra tools such as digital noise cancellation.

The digital image stabilization, which significantly reduces the amount of judder in your videos compared with an Xperia Z2 with image stabilization turned off, and it really does seem to cut down on awful shakiness footage caused by hand motions and general movement while filming. 

The Sony Xperia Z2 is powered by the brand new Qualcomm SnapDragon 801 processor, a 2.3GHz Quad Core chip, backed up by a mighty 3GB of RAM. That should keep the latest games running for the lifetime of the phone, while the 3,200mAh battery is a teeny step up from the Z1's 3,000 mAh effort.

Sony has also built Digital Noise Cancelling technology into the Xperia Z2 which helps to block out external noise when you’re out and about, or trying to work in a shouty office. You still need Mobile DNC Headphones to take advantage and Sony has bundled a pair with the Xperia Z2 which feature microphones in the earbuds. These mics pick up ambient noise and transmit the signal to the phone, where the DNC Software processes it. The audio is then transmitted back to the buds in a fashion which dampens this external noise. And all without the need for batteries. Clever stuff, and we’re glad the ‘phones are bundled.

Xperia Z2 packs a very similar rectangular frame as the Xperia Z1. Once again you get a solid piece of aluminium, surrounded by two slabs of tempered glass for the front and back edges, and the phone is fully waterproof so you can dip it in your pint to impress your mates. 

It’s a tiny bit slimmer and lighter than the Xperia Z1, despite rocking a larger display, and you can notice the difference when comparing the mobiles in both hands. Otherwise, the only real change is the SIM and microSD slots switching sides. 

The Triluminos 5.2-inch IPS display packs Sony's X-Reality technology and something called Live Colour LED. This adds a wider colour palette, making the Xperia Z2’s screen impressively vivid and vibrant. We really enjoyed browsing images and video in our short time with the phone. Viewing angles appear to be a reassuring improvement over the Xperia Z1, a major complaint of the original handset, and the panel’s powerful enough to compensate for reflections. 

With the 20.7 Megapixel Camera, the Bionz Exmor RS sensor and F2.3 Aperture. Sony claims it’s the World’s best camera and camcorder in an Android Mobile Phone, with the ability to shoot 4k video and slow-mo clips. There are other new camera features like Background Defocus, this lets you blur a photo's background while keeping the subject sharp.

Meanwhile some of the existing camera features have been migrated to video capture mode. Timeshift video allows you to shoot 120 FPS video and slow it down at any point in post production, much like you can on the iPhone 5S.

Sony is hoping its tri-factor of technology, content and ecosystem will help to create an excellent package. We’ve already seen that Sony is serious about tech, and it’s also bundling some great content - you get 6 free Sony movies out of the box, including Captain Phillips, Django Unchained, Elysium, 21 Jump Street, and This is the End. 

The Sony Xperia Z2 Mobile Phone should appear in stores around March, and while there's no confirmed pricing, we'd expect it to hit £500-£600 SIM-free on release.

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Nexas America DNC Software News – Predator Software

Know more about Predator Software, one of the premier direct numerical control software provided by Nexas America and its acquisition of Sharper Solutions for DNC Software News.

One of the US’s foremost providers of DNC, MDC, and PDM manufacturing software, Sharper Solutions, has finally been acquitted by Predator Software Inc. Predator is one of Nexas America’s biggest affiliates, and its software products are one of Nexas America’s quality distributed products. Sharper Solutions will supply supplementary ground service, function support, and sales proficiency.

In the words of Sharper Solutions’ owner and founder, “Predator Software brings to Sharper Solutions increased financial strength, unparalleled expertise in shop floor control and automation with a 20 year history of making technology accessible to manufacturers worldwide. Through sharing our expertise, this transaction will improve how we service and support manufacturers. We are excited to come together and further the vision, development and implementation of Predator technology for digital manufacturing.”

With regards to the acquisition, Jim Abbasian, president of Predator DNC Software share his thoughs, “The acquisition of Sharper Solutions is an important step in Predator Software’s continued expansion and commitment to the manufacturing and fabrication marketplace. Together we look forward to accelerating the development of more comprehensive SFC solutions. We welcome the Sharper Solutions employees, customers and partners to Predator Software.”

Sharper Solutions has added 6 top-notch and highly experienced employees to the Predator team in Steubenville, Ohio.

About Predator Software

Since 1994, over 115,000 manufacturers in over 40 countries trust Predator Solutions to network, observe, manage, modify, validate, classify, direct and computerize its shop floor and advance productivity. Predator DNC software aids manufacturing companies achieve their JIT, Lean Manufacturing, OEE, Six Sigma and ISO 9000 goals. Find out why so many manufacturing companies rely on Predator every day. For more information visit


DNC Software

Direct Numerical Control (DNC) Software: An Overview

To understand the main essence of DNC software, you must first understand what Direct Numerical Control is. Direct Numerical Control or Distributed Numerical Control (DNC) is a manufacturing jargon used for connecting machine tools that utilizes computer numerical control (CNC). Some CNC machine controllers like those used for machining multifarious surfaces are very miniature to handle machining programs. Thus, the program is then hoarded in a detached computer and sent directly to the machine, getting the term Direct Numerical Control. This is done one block at a time, and if the computer is linked to a number of machines, then it can disseminate programs to disparate machines as necessary.  

DNC Applications

A DNC application is designed specifically to connect any number of CNC machines to one computer. This means that synchronized file transfers are only narrowed down by the number of accessible COM ports of the controller computer. Of course, up to date CNC systems are automated using computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer-aided design (CAD) programs. Most of DNC applications feature an easy setup and aim to provide maximum productivity and quality through advanced software. 

Most of the features that DNC software download applications should possess are having their software developed in house, a reliable customer support, and compatibility with multiple versions of various operating systems. Most of these applications are used mainly for manufacturing industries that are immensely related to metal fabrication, appliance, aerospace, and automotive industries.

Wireless DNC

Another type of DNC software is the Wireless DNC. Based on its name, it is the wireless data transfer of direct numerical control amongst CNC machines and the controller computer. The related machines are capable of producing various parts in which require a series of instructions. These instructions are stocked up in a computer script which is a programming language that can interpret the execution of tasks. An example of this computer script is G-code. Basically, this script is universally regarded as a part of the program. When a part is created, it is introduced and uploaded to a CNC machine through an RS-232 link. This link is also referred to as a DNC system.

The Wireless DNC technology can use two types of wireless hardware units obtainable in the marketplace. It can use either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology. When using Bluetooth technology, one of the Bluetooth devices is used to connect to the controller computer while another one to the RS-232 port of a CNC machine. In Wi-Fi technology, the link is established through a wireless access point. It is then interfaced near the CNC. Once the connection is made, the DNC software takes care of the two-way data transfers.

DNC Software Providers

There are various companies that provide DNC software, but the most prominent and trusted is Nexas America. In terms of DNC software, Nexas America is the leading provider in the current market. It offers highly-adaptive and state-of-the-art DNC software download with focus on quality products that are in demand in automated manufacturing industry today. Their affiliate team is composed of top-notch DNC software providers has been providing superior and innovative products that companies need in the manufacturing environment. Some of their affiliates include Predator Software, Nexas Networks, Scytec, Tulip Electronics, and Datarealm.